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Composer-performer, visual artist and radio presenter Damilola Eniola (Gugak Sounds) was born in Nigeria and came to the UK aged 16. She currently splits her time between London and Seoul (South Korea) where she is currently completing her M.A. in Composition at the Seoul National University, South Korea. Her genre-crossing approach to composition which blurs the boundaries and combines the very different sound cultures of traditional Korean, Nigerian and Western classical music.  

In May 2018  Dami was a Sound and Music New Voices composer in residence through which she received support from ACE, PRSF, British Korean society and Talent development partner. This support has enabled her to develop her most recent project “Enlighten” - a combination of art, music and technology. She has also be awarded various funding the Art Council England and various other music organisations

She has composed for string orchestra, mixed ‘world’ ensemble, solo, traditional Korean traditional instruments, and most recently has be working on media and film. She is also an abstract artist in her spare time creating art works, and more unusually everyday objects such as shoes, taps and plates. 


As a visual artist she created her own art pieces which in turn inspire her music writing. Through art she has also developed a method to create her own unique graphic scores. 

As a performer her self-composed works included work for percussion; particularly the Korean hour-glass drum (Janggu) and the 12 string zither (Gayageum) which she studied for 10 years  

Damilola's stage name was derived from her love for radio and the radio programme series ‘Gugak Sounds’ which she hosted focusing on exploring and learning about the sounds of Korean Music.

(See link below for radio show link).



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