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French Connection!


So what do you get when you mix French and Korean traditional music together. Something rather rare and beautiful. The French have always been known for their expression through their language of pure romance. This has now followed in their love for the Korean traditional music grenre "PANSORI"

So here we have Pansori singer "Min Hye Song" who seems to have built a sold relationship with the country enough to get most people interested in this genre coming over to her in Korea in order to expand their knowledge. Through this journey one particular candidate stands out Harve Pejauder.

Although not a Korean speaker was able to get one of the main 5 stories "Chunhyangga" of Pansori to french which he read and fell in love. His love for the art grew through the K-Vox festival held by 한유미 (Han You Mi) which takes place yearly in France since 2013. Harve now performs this story in his native language which and has gain attention for his great ability to deliver the text in a way that is so similar to Pansori performers capturing the attention of his audience despite the difference in language.

I happened to be and perform at the concert held on the 28th and 29th of December at the 아트홀가얏고을 (Art hall Gayagoul). The concert started with Harve (에르베) giving his reedition of the famous gourd seed scene from Heungbo-Ga (후보가 중 화초장 대무) bringing laugher to the audience which was a mixture of both French and Koreans.

후보가 중 화초장 대무

Min Hye Sung(민혜성) then took to the stage performing the Korean version. The two artist later brought the two cultures together during this performance of Sarang-ga (춘향가 중 사랑가 대목)where Min Hye Sung plays the role of Chunhyang (춘향)in Korean while Haver, Im Mong Ryeong (이 도령) in French.

춘향가 중 사랑가 대목

Here audiences really had the opportunity of viewing the not only the similarities of both languages but also the goal of this concert.

Min Hye Sung late also took to the stage singing a special verse of Chunhang in french which was beautifully done as she was able to match the phrases to the exact Korean interpretation.

Also performing at this concert was two of Min Hye Sung's french protégées Victorin Vlavo (빅토린) who performed a long verse from (홍보가 중 호오가 놀보에게 매맞는대목) on the 28th

and Laure Mafo (로르) with a very powerful performance of (춘향가 중 옥중가 대모)

The concert ended with a group performance of the popular folksong Minyo - Namdo boat song (남도민요 중 뱃노래). by Min Hye Song , Laure, Vitorin and 2 other singers bringing the concert to a high finish with an encore performance of Jindo Arrirang.

남도민요 중 뱃노래

The concert was also a success thanks to the accompaniment of very good musician Choi Hyo Dong who played both the Jaggu - 장구(An hour glass drum) and Buk - 북 (Barrel drum) and Park Jin Kyung 박진경who played the Daegeum -대금 (Transverse Flute).

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