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Gugak Sounds

composer, performer &

Dami also known as Gugak Sounds, is an upcoming composer navigating her way through the world of music. Her music is very unique as it is heavily influenced by both classical music and music from various parts of the world. She is also heavily influenced by sounds which surround us as she feels it is music in own form and works to bring the audience's awareness to it.

The project “Han” is one which Dami was able to put together with the support of New Voices (Sound and Music) as she was picked as one of the composer’s on the programme. Han is a word which has a very deep meaning to her. 

The word Han is a Korean word which explores sentiments of the Korean people such as joy, sadness, happiness, love, loss and emotions faced during one’s lifetime.

As a result, she has decided to focus on this word as an inspiration for this project. She feels it does not relate to one group of people but feels every living person goes through it during their life at one point of time or the other. She has therefore decided to put her own sentiments which have been heavily influenced by her journey through the music world which she decided on the path  years ago, travels to South Korea as a student and interactions with various musician. Her “Han” into her music and also through various artworks.  

She hopes through this project to grow more as a composer and as a person who continues to study and interpret music which has great meaning whilst challenging the listening audience.


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